Makoto KAGETO Professor

Faculty of International Welfare Development

Nihon Fukushi University (Aichi Prefecture, JAPAN)

PhD (Informatics) Graduate School , Kansai University, Japan

 is a professor and Dr. full-time faculty member at@Nihon Fukushi University, Nagoya, Japan.

 His area of expertise includes the use of Internet in the field of cross-cultural understanding and communication with language and technology. His DR thesis is focusing on International Collaborative Project based on Constructivist Learning Theory.

A former upper high school teacher in ICT education for over a decade.

Kageto is presently a member of several committees in K-12 schools at the Ministry of Education, Sports, Culture and Science and Technology(MEXT). He has written many books, including recent publications such as "How to Use the internet in Classrooms" , and "Effective Internet Skills for K-12 Teachers" , to help teachers better utilize the Internet in classroom teachings.


 Work Experience:
2010 Advisory Board on Future Schools Project (MEXT:Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology)
2013-present Japan Association of for Educational Technology Councilor
2014-Present Japan Association for Educational Media Study Board member
2017-2018 Japan Society for Educational Technology Councilor
2016-2017 Project leader of EDU-Port (MEXT) gDisseminating the Study of Japanese ICT in the Philippinesg
2017-2021 Project leader of EDU-Port (MEXT) gEnhancement of English Teaching program in Cambodia
1999-2021 Project leader of World Youth Meeting with Japanfs 25schools and 36 overseas schools.

2010 to 2017t: Dean, Faculty of International Welfare Development, Nihon Fukushi University (NFU)

2001 to present: Professor, NFU

2003: Member of Digital Contents Development Committee

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology (MEXT)

2003: Member of Innovative Contents-Sharing Committee (MEXT)

2006: Guest professor, National Institute of Multi-Media Education 

2007: Member of E-learning System for Teacher Training (Japan Association for Promotion of

Educational Technology & MEXT)

2010: Committee Chair of Leading Project for ICT Education (Aichi Prefecture & MEXT)

2010: Member of Advisory Board on Future schools Project (MEXT)



Written many books, including recent publications such as "How to Use the Internet in Classrooms", and "Effective Internet Skills for K-12 Teachers" to help educators better utilize ICT in classroom teachings.