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In order to make an effective presentation, I would like to share some tips on how to do it.

Whatfs the most important thing for a good presentation, image. It is important to imagine the goal by first focusing on the communication design composed of a number of PPT sheets.

Please look at the figure on the screen. This is the communication design.

This presentation is composed of 10 sheets and lasts about 5 minutes.




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When we examine the communication design, we can see that this presentation comprises 3 topics.

The first sheet shows the title of the presentation, second, the outline. Next comes the first topic gAh and gBh then gCh.

The first sheet is the title of the presentation, the second, the outline. After that the topic will be distributed.


If your want to describe the theme, first you have to find 3 topics.

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Focusing on the theme, please clarify the 3 topics.

For example, if the theme was gMaking a better worldh, you can easily find some topics in your mind.

gFuture education g, gfuture communicationh or gfuture solidarityh may be linked with that theme.

In case of the theme, gWhatfs happiness?h, some topics will come up soon.  Such as ghappiness of learningh, gfamilyh or gsomething embedded in daily lifeh.




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If you could deliver each topic persuasively, that leads your presentation to be a successful one.

Please pay attention to each topic. Each topic consisted of 2 parts, impact image and text.

Aiming to give a vivid presentation, a sophisticated impact image should be used as a first page of each topic. This image surely will stir the audiencefs interest. To get your audiencefs interest, please talk about some concrete examples to reinforce your topic. And then summarize your topic within 5 bullet points.




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Once again, each topic comprised of 2 parts; sophisticated impact image and text, bullet points.





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Please look at the figure again. After defining the first topic A, continuously talk about topic B and C using persuasive facts.

Finally, deliver your conclusions and a suggestion composed around each bullet point from topics, A,B and C.

As a summary and conclusion, you should pick up the important facts from the bullets points you listed in advance as a summary of each topic.


XCh 8


I would like to summarize what I have been talking about.

At first, find the 3 topics which support your presentation.


Second, keep the image of communication design as a goal of your presentation

Third, complete topics A.B and C using impact images and bullets points.

Find and edit the summary after finding the important facts from the bullet points listed above.