Unforgettable Experiences 日本語


Nanzan Kokusai High School







During my stay in Kaohsiung, I went through a lot of unforgettable experiences. The first thing that made me surprised was that in Kaohsiung, there are a huge number of motorcycles, and they put colorful lights on the streets. But at the same time, they still keep old buildings like temples, which I think is really important. My first impression of Kaohsiung was that the streets are dirty and not organized. I could only think of a negative thing. But now, my impression of Kaohsiung and Taiwan is totally different because of the people I met there. My host families, my friends, and teachers that I got to know.



           First of all, I would like to say “thank you” to my host family. Before meeting my host family, I was afraid that maybe they would not like me, or maybe the host family is not friendly because I did not really contact the girl, Eloise. However, when I first saw them at the hotel, they were smiling, and they looked really nice, which made me feel relaxed. As I spent more time together, I found out that they did not only look nice, but they were really nice people. Eloise’s father could speak a little bit of Japanese, and he tried to communicate with me. Although Eloise’s mother could not speak so much English or Japanese, she really tried to talk to me and I tried hard to understand her in Chinese. Eloise’s brothers were kind, they told me to try many Taiwanese foods, and did some funny things to make me laugh. My host family took me to lots of places in Kaohsiung, including the beach and shopping malls. I would like to again say “thank you” to my host family for doing so much for me.



           I would like to say thank you to my ASEP members including the teachers. Overall, I think the preparation for the presentation went very well. I think the most important thing is that we made the presentation together, not only one person making it. We discussed a lot about the slides, and sometimes we even argued about what to put on one slide. I think each one of us respected others’ ideas, which made it easier for people to say what they think. On the first day of the preparation, I thought we would not be able to finish our slides and the script because we did not really know what we had to do. However, our teachers helped us, and gave us suggestions and advices. Sometimes there were some difficulties because people had different ideas and opinions, but at the end, we made it beautifully.



On the presentation day, I was nervous of making mistakes, and because we didn’t have one of our members, we had to cover her part. So I think all of us were not sure if our presentation would go nice and smooth, and I was not sure if we could make our audience understand what we want them to know. Right before the presentation, we cheered each other up. Even though we could not get the platinum award, what really counts is the effort we put into the project, and that we enjoyed doing our presentation.



Lastly, I would like to write what I felt during my stay in Taiwan. I got to know the importance of communication whether in English or Chinese. What is really important is your eagerness to communicate. I understood that even if I cannot say what I want to say clearly, it is important to be eager to tell it to the person. For example, I could not communicate with my host family in English, but I tried to learn and memorize some Chinese words from my host family and used my body language to tell them what I want. In addition, this trip made me really want to learn English, and other languages, because communicating with people from other places is very interesting because you can learn their culture through the language. Also, being able to speak and understand different languages feels good! In the future I would like to be able to speak many languages like Pablo!




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