Our Aims
・	To make favorable settings in which students can use English 
    as a communication tool in their daily lives.
・	To change the role of the English language from the means of 
    academic evaluation to a tool of communication.
・	To promote multicultural understanding, students' sense of 
    global community, and sympathy beyond borders.
・	To help students have chances to see countries 
    not through mass media information on political or e
    conomic matters, but through the exchanges 
    with the students in other countries. 
・	To help the students learn the Internet skills needed 
in coming age of information technology.
・	To help students have viewpoints and spirits for self-education
    and life-long learning by participating in international exchanges. 
・	To help students have real understanding of Japan 
    along with and in good contrast with foreign cultures.
・	To help students understand that, in this global society,
    identities are as important as a world view.
・	To enhance students' power of learning and observation 
    by participating in multicultural exchanges.
・	To give new interests to students who have lost interests
    in their regular classes.



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