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English Presentations in Asia. 4

Kansai University, Shinsuke YOSHIDA.. 4

How to Enhance E.F.L. in Asia Legion. 6

Nihon Fukushi University  KAGETO Makoto. 6

To continue participation in ASEP constructively - learning from failure. 9

Nanzan Kokusai High School@Ryo Nishi 9

Report ASEP 2011. 11

`What ASEP Gives to Us`... 11

Osaka Yuhigaoka Gakuen High School @@Hideki Yamamoto. 11

For the Better Participation in ASEP.. 13

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ASEP 2011. 15

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English Presentations in Asia

Kansai University, Shinsuke YOSHIDA


1.         Asian Englishes

There are three circles in Asian Englishes, 1) the Inner Circle, 2) the Outer-Circle, and 3) the Expanding Circle. The three circles are a conception of the status and functions of Englishes (Kachuru, 1985).

The Inner Circle refers to Englishes which speakers from England carried the language to Australia and New Zealand. In these countries, English is the primary language and used in education, government, and society.

The Outer Circle of Englishes was produced through colonization by British Empire in Asia. Due to the economic, political and military needs, English became the additional official language for countries such as India, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Singapore. Even though the British Empire left away, English had become public communication device in these multilingual and multicultural countries. In this circle, English became a medium of higher education where students come from all the local places with various first languages.

The Expanding Circle is the spread of English enhanced by the political and economic influence of Britain and the US in Asia. In these areas, English has had limited roles only in higher education, science, and technology; and very limited ones in the personal life. Recently, however, this has been changing in Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and China due to introducing English at early stages of education to compete in the global technology and market.

English education in ASEP countries

In the Expanding Circle including Taiwan where ASEP 2011 have been held for the past 12 years, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and Malaysia, English has become widely spread and frequently used in the social sub-groups of higher education, science, and technology.

  In Taiwan where English is no longer limited to professions such as medicine, science and technology, but English words and phrases are used among family and friends in everyday use. Since 1987, they started using the mixture of English and Chinese due to the policy of bilingualism, and teaching English in the third grade in Taipei since 1998 (the fifth grade in Taiwan in 2001). Now Taiwanese people use code-switching from Chinese to English not only to express group solidarity or emotions, but to show the prestigious educational or professional status of the speaker.

  In Japan, after WWU, English has become popular in various aspects and plays an important role in Japanese cognitive, emotional, and perceptual processes. At the same time, English plays a critical role in her society with a unique loanword case called Gairaigo. Recently Ministry of Education in Japan has started the enhancement of foreign language education. They have introduced foreign language activities into primary schools, with teaching centered on listening and speaking, and in 2011 English has become a compulsory subject in Grade Schools.

  In Korea, at the end of the Korean War, English language learning and teaching became widespread in South Korea. Since then English has been a compulsory subject from middle schools, then, in 1985, they started teaching Spoken English in the third grade.

  In Indonesia, after the independence in 1945, Indonesian is an official language of the country. English is a compulsory second language at junior and senior high schools in place of Dutch.

  In Malaysia, Malay is the medium of education and English is taught obligatorily in all schools. Some private schools are linked to universities in United Kingdom, U.S., Australia and Canada. At the university level, Malay is the medium of education, however, some courses in medicine, engineering, and postgraduate are taught in English.

Characteristics of ASEP Englishes

  In Taiwanese English sound system, there tend to be no distinction between gheath and ghith, or gpassh and gpathh etc. In grammar, due to Chinese influence they often do not use definite articles, not distinguish adjectives from adverbs, and not use passive construction and negative questions (Chen, 1996).

  In Japan, since approximately 8 percent of the total Japanese vocabulary is borrowed from English, Gairaigo have been assimilated the phonological structure of the Japanese language, such as gthish vs. gzi-suh, ggray zoneh vs. ggu-re-e-zo-o-nh, gthoughth vs. gso-o-toh, etc. At the discourse level, since direct proposition is avoided in Japanese, gperhapsh or gI thinkh is often used in speaking Japanese-ly (Baxter, 1980).

  In Korean English sound system, not only word-final fricatives are not allowed but final-vowel are omitted. In grammar, it is most likely that no distinction is made between simple present and present progressive or simple past and past perfect verb tenses. Also non-count nouns are used as count nouns such as in ga hard workh, ga great patienceh, etc. (Jung & Min, 1999).

  In Malaysian English, they do not maintain the contrast between tense and lax vowel sounds, thus there are no distinction between gpoolh and gpullh, and gsith and gseath, etc. Vowel reduction in unstressed syllables is not distinguished by the placement of stressed; like in gim-porth vs. gim-porth.

  In sum, the common features of Outer and Expanding Circle Englishes in Asia are: 1) Phonology: different stressed syllables, different rhythmic features, and different sentence stress from Inner Circle Englishes. No distinctive word stresses between nouns and verbs. 2) Grammar: the distinction between count and non-count nouns is not institutionalized, the gender distinctions among pronouns are not maintained, verb tenses are not marked consistently, etc. 3) Discourse: taboo topics in public conversations at Inner Circle are allowed e.g. salary, age, weight, marital status, cost of personal matters, etc., because this indicates the speakerfs interest in the addressee.

English Presentations in Asia

  In various stages of ASEP including preparation, rehearsal, and project presentation, participating parties from various parts of Asian countries spend a few days for communication and collaboration. During that time, even though students from the Expanding Circle use various Asian Englishes with different language background, they have some common features as mentioned above that are distinctive in Asian countries, and naturally English has established its position as the presentation tool in ASEP. However, some are concerned that Englishes in ASEP may not be intelligible, comprehensible, or interpretable when used outside the Circle, but this is a pointless concern. When Southern US and East Asian English speakers will be unintelligible for a while at first meet until some amount of exposure enable them to understand each other in gacceptableh level. In essence, the important thing is as Kachuru (2006) mentioned: gThat is, it is important to expose yourself to as many varieties of English and to as many contexts of its use as possible, thus broadening your sense of what is acceptable.h ASEP is the one and only place to put this into practice.



How to Enhance E.F.L. in Asia Legion

 Nihon Fukushi University  KAGETO Makoto


Up to university, Japanese students will have studied English for more than 6 years, Junior High School 3 years, Senior High School 3 years. While in secondary school, they are trained to only think and study towards the entrance examinations for university. To get good grades was very important for them since they were under the impression that to enter a good university would decide their future from the view point of future job hunting. To this end, students rushed into their English grammar studies with a focus on attaining high scores on university entrance examination and not necessarily to master English grammar. For the international collaborative project, ASEP or WYM, students need to be able to express themselves and communicate with the participants dealing with the challenge of English conversation and non verbal communication not limited to an understanding of English grammar.

Kageto pointed out that English should be taught using audio recording functions and video clips to enhance language acquisition. The figure illustrates the process for Japanese students to acquire a certain level of English competency after getting an ability to listen and understand spoken English at a speed of less than 100 words per minute. Referring to our thesis regarding EFL, we consider achieving communication ability in English to be different from that of achieving an ability in reading and understanding. 

Since 2000, there has arisen a great deal of controversy with regards to functions of the brain. Some research advocates that competencies, listening, speaking, writing and reading, are related evenly to each part of a personfs brain. Reading and understanding lay in the Wernicke's area of the brain. This function is different from that of Speaking or Listening comprehension. To improve speaking and listening abilities, learners have to train their action memories, the more they listen to English sounds, the more they get used to speaking since human beings can only pronounce words that they have heard. Taking into consideration the functioning of the brain, we could classify the procedure for studentsf improvement.

The Figure shows the criteria of English acquisition for Students.




eLXg {bNX: Figure: Criteria of English Acquisition




Basic level

Tey have to be able to hear English sounds to get used to that. We suggest that if they can hear 1000 words, they can come to speak about 100 words being accustomed to that level. Action memory works like a muscle becoming stronger. This situation should be assigned as a basic level.


Second level

After getting used to hearing words, they come to try to speak. The sounds experienced help them to speak. But the content looks quite limited, up to 5 or 7 words that are useful for interpersonal communication. This is called the second level. They can start a conversation at an international occasion.


Third level

After having enjoyed oral communication, as the next phase, they start trying to write down their message in English. Referring to the basic sample English sentences they have learned, they write sentences taking into consideration grammatical issues.


Fourth level

Communication in several ways, oral, English documents, finally they evoke communication design. They consider what topic should be first when they deliver the message, whatfs first and what comes next.


Final level

Not only is the English message effectively formed, they come to pay attention to visual aids. This is the power point file, using sophisticated impact images that describe the contents, or simple but worthwhile statistical charts, they start composing. The presentation in English becomes a final goal for them to share ideas with friends from different countries while keeping communication design in mind.


They finally understand that compared to their mother tongue, EFL needs some meticulous consideration when making the message for both oral delivery and for academic writing.


How to make an effective presentation.


Taking these levels into consideration the discussion turns to how students should train themselves to be good English presenters. While learning English in the classroom using conventional methods, they should be involved in authentic settings to know how English works with people who come from far away from Japan. The closer they get to the designated day, the more often they are required to use English in an authentic occasion for the preparation of the program or joint their presentation

From the viewpoint of EFL learning, authentic settings are very useful for them to realize how English works among people regardless of their cultural differences. A daily meeting with overseas friends surely helps to enforce the Japanese studentfs ability to use English and join in the discussion. This occasion trained and nourished the English area of their brain more efficiently than ever. The students could observe these procedures while playing the role of audience and by being asked for feedback to make the joint presentation better. 


Main Procedure for the EFL learner

In the conventional Study, they come to the classroom to study and gain an understanding focusing on grammatical issues. How much they read or understood is the key evaluation point. But in my faculty we prepared an authentic setting like the international collaborative project, the World Youth Meeting. Students are involved in this project due to the compulsory nature of the subject that it is. In joining the event they have a lot of opportunities to talk directly to overseas friends in order to proceed with the event. During activity, they came to notice how English works for gaining an understanding of each other, especially among non native English speakers. Most of the Japanese students had started wondering whether they should keep studying English or not after entering university. It might be hard work for them to study English continuously, and to always be evaluated as a English speaker. This collaborative project motivated them to keep studying since they could recognize English to be an indispensable tool to broaden their perspectives. It will take a long time to improve their English compared to say the study of algebra. In mathematics, if one can find one solution for an equation, it works for another question, and later they can solve problems automatically. In the case of language study, one has to see the study of words as a continuously unfolding new horizon.




To continue participation in ASEP constructively - learning from failure

Nanzan Kokusai High School@Ryo Nishi

Pleasure of participation in ASEP continuously

DSCN2155ASEP 2011 was the 12th times for me since I have participated in ASEP 2000. For the first time I could not use English at all. At that time my role was only playing the saxophone. Now I became to be able to use English for the meeting with Taiwanese teachers. Every year my students say to me that they were very glad to join in ASEP. I share the same feeling with them.

In this time, a Taiwanese teacher in charge of home-stay in ASEP 2010 told me a delightful word. She said, gA student in my class who participated in ASEP2010 continues to exchange with Nanzan Kokusai students. That makes me very glad!h

The pleasure of ASEP is spreading widely.


Studentfs activities in ASEP – Students enjoyed ASEP seriously

Before Japanese members went to Taiwan, Japanese and Taiwanese students had little contact each other. Students of each school have made the Power Point file in each country.

We had two days for preparing the presentation during the stay in Kaohsiung. First day,

we mixed the slides of PPT that wefve made in each country at the beginning. Then we changed the order of slides and cut some slides or add new ones. It took a lot of time.

 On the Taiwanese side, each student has already written rough script of the speech. We needed to put them together and make it complete one. But it was very difficult without teacherfs advice. Especially my students, who have experienced WYM, was thinking seriously how they should match mostly-completed Power Point file and the speech of presentation.One of my female students said to male students, gNext year, you will be responsible to this activity instead of us. Please do your best!h Ifm sure that he felt the responsibility and he thought what he has to do then. All the students were preparing the presentation really hard. When they were stuck, I tried to say some advices. But one student replied to me with confidence, gPlease leave it to us.h

@But we have little time for preparation. On the final day for preparation, we have finished making the PowerPoint file and the script for the speech. But we didnft have enough time to rehearse the speech.

 Our presentation didnft go well. After looking back, one student said, gWe could not share the sense of crisis to our presentation.h I think they could learn something important through this failure. Itfs like the direction to her or his life. And itfs very important for them to continue this activity or something like this.



What should teachers do for successful exchange?

I think that teacherfs work in ASEP is not teaching but supporting in less emergent circumstances. Teacher should make students think by themselves and let them speak out their opinions and wait till they begin to act by themselves. What is important to do so?

(1) Some students have experiences to join in WYM or ASEP before.

 Some of my students have experienced WYM 2010. All of Taiwanese members have not experienced both WYM and ASEP. I think that students with no ASEP or WYM experiences should be shown past Power Point files or videos about the presentation. If students watch them, they can learn what kind of Power Point files they should make, rules in making PPT file and what kind of presentations is effective.

 (2) Pre-exchange on the internet is important

Before our visit in Taiwan, my work was not enough for making the successful presentation in only two days. Taiwanese teacher has often sent me messages by using Facebook. But I couldnft reply to them immediately. I should have answered soon. I have to improve my English ability.

And I should make my students exchange with Taiwanese students frequently on the internet although online discussion is very difficult.

3) To share things to need to be improvement for next ASEP

Taiwanese teachers told me some suggestions after ASEP2011. gLetfs begin to prepare the presentation earlier next year.h gPlease bring positive students who have own opinions.h Also I said to Taiwanese teachers some messages. gDuring the preparation at your school, a teacher in charge of ASEP presentation should be free, no class or a little classes.h gShe or he should continue working as a person in charge of ASEP for more than two years at least. Or the person should become an advisor to advice a new person in charge of ASEP.h

Exchanging our thoughts each other will make our activities fulfilling and successful next year. To continue to join in ASEP is very important. I thought so in this time, too.





Report ASEP 2011

`What ASEP Gives to Us`


Osaka Yuhigaoka Gakuen High School @@Hideki Yamamoto


This is our 3rd time participating in ASEP held in Taiwan. I am quite thankful to be part of this program. ASEP gives us a chance to interact with Taiwanese students on-line and to work together face to face with them. We had such great experience through the program. ASEP also gives us a chance to reflect on and ponder the way to improve our presentation since itfs not a one-shot program. Plus, it may have a good influence on studentsf performance in a regular English class afterwards. 


Maximizing the use of on-line social network systems

ASEP provides a great opportunity to utilize the on-line social network systems, such as Facebook, for the purpose of a collaborative project. In light of our need to contact with students in Taiwan, the SNS plays an important role. It is advantageous for students at both schools in Japan and Taiwan to get to know each other on-line beforehand. This year we seldom or never had a chance to talk with our partner schoolfs students. It was not easy to communicate on-line with someone whom we had never met before. After actually meeting them in Taiwan, however, students seemingly started to have frequent interactions on Facebook. Probably, it is important for students to have a chance to see each other at first. After meeting face to face, they may be able to interact on-line more smoothly and comfortably. Without visiting our partner school, we wouldnft be able to fully maximize the use of those programs on-line effectively. ASEP is a great program in the sense that it is not merely an on-line program and that students have a chance to see face to face and to work together for the project in Taiwan.


Establishing a new relationship









In terms of cross-cultural understanding, the ASEP program is quite beneficial for students to have a chance to talk, communicate, bond, and discuss with each other. Especially this year, a new school was introduced to us as a partner school. Therefore, we were supposed to communicate and talk in order to establish a relationship in the first place. At that moment, English comes into play as a lingua franca. All 3rd year students from our school had experience of studying abroad. Based on the experience, they seemed to have initiative in talking in English with Taiwanese students. Following the senior students, 1st year students, without any study abroad experience, also started having a conversation with them gradually. ASEP provides a great opportunity for us to realize that English is an important tool to communicate with people all over the world. Even at the city tour planned by our partner school, Japanese and Taiwanese students were talking in English and seemed to be bonding with each other. Also for the English presentation, both Japanese and Taiwanese students needed to discuss a certain issue and work together. It was hard, but when it was over, students seemed to feel they accomplished something together regardless of its degree of completion. This project may have helped them develop a deeper relationship. In many ways, ASEP is helpful in building a relationship between students from two different countries.



Further development and further effect

DSC_0755  This year it may be successful in establishing a relationship with our new partner school. Yet, there are a lot of things to do to improve our presentation. For the World Youth Meeting, reflecting on ASEP 2011, hopefully we will be able to give a better presentation, discussing the issue for the project more in depth beforehand.

  At last, I would like to make a point that students who participated in ASEP seem to have improved their English performance skills in my English class. I was quite surprised to see all of those students give their English speeches and presentations with confidence. They all gained quite high scores on the task. ASEP may have a good influence on their English performance skills in tasks. As a teacher, I would like to encourage as many students as possible to participate in this program.




For the Better Participation in ASEP

Wakasa High School@Mika Fukuchi


1. Collaboration

We were able to make a presentation with Taiwanese students as a matter of form. However, I doubted that we could achieve a goal to collaborate with Taiwanese students to make a presentation.  In November, we first had contact with Taiwanese students through Skype, and they had already decided our theme as gschool bullyingh and also the process of our presentation.  After our first contact, we used Facebook and Taiwanese students made the scripts of the presentation. Japanese students then put some comment on them.  However, we didnft discuss the theme or express our opinions as a Japanese team to them. We should discuss the theme and after decide the theme, we should discuss the process of the presentation and include both sidesf opinions.  That is the aim of ASEP.  However, we just joined the presentation which Sanmin students had made.  We should say our opinions and discuss in detail from the beginning of deciding the theme.  In order to do so, we should choose the participants earlier, and teachers should contact each other earlier and discuss how we will lead students to collaborate with each other well.


2. Interaction with students

@At the first contact with Taiwanese students through Skype, we introduced each other simply and Japanese students couldnft say any ideas about the presentation.  They just answered yes or no to their questions or I answered their questions.  We had never used Skype before so we struggled to understand what they said and we couldnft say our opinions at all.  After the Skype, students used Facebook but I didnft say anything about what they were discussing on Facebook and just left them.  Japanese students said some opinions about what Taiwanese students said, but they couldnft discuss the content.  On Facebook, we use writing so we had time to think about the theme more, so I reflect that I didnft have students say our opinions more.  I should have pointed out the insufficient discussion on Facebook. 

@In Taiwan, I watched my students and just helped when they didnft know what Taiwanese students said or how to say their opinions because I thought if I helped a lot, they couldnft learn a lot.  How much I should help them is what I have to consider.  Itfs not good that students canft say their opinions if I donft help them, and itfs also not good that I help them too much and students canft communicate by themselves.  As for myself this time, I should have helped them more to have them express more opinions.  I need the ability to encourage them to express themselves in English more.


3. Studentsf attitude

@Although we had some problems making the presentations, I felt my students gained a lot of things through this program.  They tried to become close to Taiwanese students by using insufficient English.  The English abilities of English of Taiwanese students were so high and they welcomed us warmly from the beginning when meeting us at the station, so it didnft take much time for them to become close to each other. They talked about many topics, and their English understanding became better.  A student said her pronunciation improved, too.  A student went abroad for the first time, and I felt that going to foreign countries and connecting with the people in those countries is a good experience for students.  Also students must have had a bitter sweet experience as they couldnft tell what they thought very well, so Ifm sure they are encouraged to study English harder.  We got the platinum prize, so students seem to be very satisfied with that.  I want them to try hard to develop their ability to make presentations and to understand more about Taiwan and other countries in Asia.  The same can be said for me, too.


4. As an English teacher

@I thought an English teacher at Sanmin had a great ability to bring out studentsf opinions.  Her English proficiency was so high and she asked good questions to students.  She was good at leading students to a conclusion by using good questions.  I have to improve my English and learn from her to ask students questions. 

  Also Ifd like to make use of this experience of ASEP and develop an ability to teach students how to make a good presentation in English lessons.  Ifd like to make time to have students speak their opinions and acquire the ability to express themselves in English confidently.


5. Cultural exchange from now

Ifd like to make good use of the experience of using Skype and Facebook with Taiwanese students to prepare for the presentation.  Therefore, a Sanmin English teacher and I planned to have students introduce themselves and exchange ideas of their cultures through Skype and Facebook in our English lessons.  We made a close relationship this time, so wefd like to make use of this to make opportunities to have students communicate with each other in English.  We donft have so many chances to use English with foreigners in daily life, so Ifd like to make chances for students to use English and understand each other.  Only a few students from our school were able to participate in ASEP, so I have to find ways to give opportunities to other students in our school.


6. Conclusion

@I really realized how important it was to prepare for the presentation well in advance to collaborate and complete our presentation.  It is important to exchange ideas earlier and we have a lot of things to do before going to Taiwan.  I also thought developing communication ability in daily lessons as well as teaching English and instructing students before going to Taiwan are important.  Therefore, Ifd like to keep trying to lead English lessons to develop studentsf English abilities and communication skills in every lesson.














ASEP 2011


Fukui Commercial High School Toda Tomomi 


      First of all, let me express my sincerest gratitude to our sister school, Kaohsiung Commercial High School, other host schools, and Japan teams. A lot of memories are always coming back to me, even after one month has almost passed. During my time in Kaohsiung, I really had great experience. The followings are that I could see and learn through ASEP 2011.

JJ05       As for the topic of ASEP 2011, gJustice and Civil rightsh, this huge topic was a big challenge for both my students and me. At the beginning, it was quite a job to recognize and make an approach to the topic. Focusing on the children who are suffering from lack of human rights, our partner Kaohsiung Commercial High School suggested three points of view; child labor, child soldier, and child prostitute. Little is known about these matters. In fact, they are far from our daily lives. For that very reason, through ASEP 2011, we could learn how these children lead their painful lives and what forces such terrible situation on them. On the other hand, we recognized that justice was never available for every child in the world. I hope that my students will continue to have interests in these children and contribute to solve these matters as one of the citizens of this planet in near future.





While staying in Kaohsiung, my students realized that the purpose of studying English in school was not just to study, but to exchange their ideas, feelings, information, thoughts, and knowledge. English was the only way to communicate with their host families, friends, and teachers. I dared to speak to them in English as much as I could and not to give them too much care so that they could deal with everything they do by ASEP2011 019themselves. They experienced the pleasure of communication in English, as well as the difficulty in expressing themselves. This will encourage them to improve their English skill better. In addition, in the process of making the presentation, they learned how to present effectively and impressively from Taiwanese students and teachers. That includes natural English sounds, emphasis, gestures, facial expressions, and visually attractive PowerPoint. For Japanese who hardly use gestures, it was tough to use effective non-verbal language. However, we learned that they were integral factors to make the presentation more attractive.




ASEP2011 039       Lastly, before I finish my report, I would like to thank my sister school for their hospitability and enthusiasm. Besides teaching us a lot regarding the presentation, they gave us warmhearted welcome & farewell, wonderful lunch, and lots of pleasant time. There being too many things they did for us, I canft describe all of them. As a teacher, I learned from them how exciting teaching English was and how valuable working together with students toward the goal was. This precious experience must have been the turning point in my career. I also felt very happy when my students told me that they would study English hard to join the next WYM with more confidence and they would go back to Kaohsiung again. ӎӁ@Č





ASEP 2011

Nanzan Kokusai High School@Haruka Okabe


         The time I spent in Taiwan is something that I will never forget. Everything was so new to me. I've never been to Taiwan, and I've never experienced homestays, so I was excited, and also kind of worried at the same time. Even though I participated in the World Youth Meeting in summer, I didn't know how it would be like, because this time, we were to work with the students in Taiwan. The theme was difficult, so I didn't have any clue what we should talk about. However, time passed by quickly and any of us didn't really have an idea of what to do. On the other hand, the students in Taiwan had already came up of several ideas, and I was in a panic. Not being able to prepare that much, we set off to Taiwan.


          It was the second day in Taiwan, when I first met my host family. They welcomed me so warmly, and even though I was nervous at first, I soon felt comfortable there. As soon as I got to there home, they took to me to a lot of places and let me eat many delicious things. For dinner, I was able to eat a Christmas dinner buffet at a hotel. Even though I just met my host family, I felt as if I was already a member of the family.


          On the third day, we went to school by bus and we met the members which we were going to present together and our preparation for the presentation started. We both showed what we had prepared and thought about how to put it together. However, we had a difficult time trying to put it together.  We didn't really know how to put it together, so we decided to get rid of the slides that we thought we didn't really need. We finished that day without being able to have that much progress.


          The next day was our last day for the preparation, so I knew that I had to come up with any ideas that I have. But ideas don't come up so easily and we were just doing the things as told to. Although things didn't go as planned, we were able to finish our power point slides with some advice. However, we didn't have time to practice our speech, so we were to practice at home by ourselves.

After school, we went to eat dinner at Mrs. Jasmine(the teacher at Shu-Tei)'s grandparents restaurant with Chihiro and her host students. It was delicious. Then we went to the night market to go shopping. I was able to buy things and eat delicious good so I was satisfied. When I got home, I practiced my script even though I was really sleepy.


            Finally, it was the day of the presentation. I wasn't that nervous, but was very excited. It was a little different from the WYM that we did in the summer, and I enjoyed being there. I was able to meet friends and was just waiting for the presentation to begin. As it came closer to our time for the presentation, I begin to feel a little nervous and was afraid that I might forget what to say. Before I knew it, it was our time for the presentation. We were the last one to present, and we ran out of time, so it didn't go as well as I expected. When we finished our presentation, I kinda felt depressed and felt sorry for the Shu-Tei students because we had to skip the slides that the students worked so hard on.


          Although I was upset right after the presentation, I soon begin to enjoy myself. A lot of people asked us to take pictures with them, and I was able to see lots of amazing performances, so I was happy to have joined this program. The presentation is not about getting a prize, but how hard we worked on it, so I would give ourselves a platinum prize for having made a wonderful presentation. Although it was sad to say goodbye to the students and teacher we worked with, I had a splendid time that day, and I will never forget it. After everything was over,  my host family took me to Costco because I said I've never been there and wanted to go there. They bought me a t-shirt that is the same as Eloise, my host student and some souvenirs for my family too.


          The next day, was my last day in Taiwan. The time I spent in Taiwan was so fast that I didn't want to leave yet. My host family has done so much to make me comfortable staying there, and I can never thank them them enough for letting me have a wonderful time. It was painful to part from them, but I had to, so I said goodbye. 


        I don't regret having joined this program, and if I have the chance, I'd like to participate in ASEP again. I'm thankful to everyone who has participated in this program. This experience has become another one of my best memories that I will never forget.

Asian Students Exchange Program

Nanzan Kokusai High School@Chihiro Noda


From December 24th to 29th, I visited Taiwan to join an exchange program called ASEP. There, I had many great experiences that I will never forget. The reason why I joined this exchange program is because I had interest in visiting foreign countries, and also because this year was the only chance I had to get involved in ASEP.



      To speak from conclusion, our presentation didnft go very well. I and my teammates from Nanzan Kokusai began preparing for the presentation soon after we heard ASEP the topic for this year was Citizenfs Rights. As soon as we found out what the topic is, we began preparing for the presentation. For a start, we began deciding what we should focus on for the presentation. But this was a very difficult thing to do. The topic, Citizenfs Rights, was a very difficult topic for us since we barely have experiences to think about it, it used many days only to decide the main topic of our presentation. On the other hand, the Shu-Te ASEP members gave as the idea that they wanted to do in our presentation. They have already researched to detail, even interviewed to those whose stories were very valuable to our presentation. It was very amazing how they were able to decide what they want to tell the audience so quickly. As soon as I and Nanzan Kokusai students and Shu-Te students met, we started preparing for the presentation together. But this was preparation very difficult. The content of PPT we, Nanzan Kokusai Students, were preparing and those of Shu-Te students were preparing had only little similarities, which made it difficult for us to choose what contents we are going to put in the final PPT, which we are going to show to the audience. After we chose what we are going to present about in detail, we started making the PPT. When making the PPT, our teachers, Ms. Jasmine and Mr. Nishi, was a big help for us. But because we took so much time on making the PPT, we didnft have enough time to actually practice for the presentation. Since we havenft had any chance making the script, we only had the last 30minutes on the last day of preparation to practice the whole presentation. On the day of presentation, I was very nervous. Since we had only a little time to remember the script, I was concerned if I wonft forget what Ifm going to say. Our presentation was the last presentation. Well, as a result, we ran out of time, and couldnft finish the whole presenting. Every one of the members worked very hard, but I guess we didnft have enough time for the presentation. I was very disappointed how we couldnft present the whole presentation that we prepared and that we couldnft show every PPT slides that we prepared, but I think these kinds of experience is very valuable. All though the result was disappointing, I had a great time working with Shu-Te students!

Home stay

     This was my first time for home staying so I was very nervous. When I and other Nanzan Kokusai students, our teacher Mr. Nishi, and Mr. Kageto arrived at the station, I saw a group of people holding cards which had our names on. I soon found a girl who was holding a card with my name on it.

 Her name was Debby, and she was my host student. I was surprised how tall she and her other family members were. She was a very cute, and a nice girl from the first time we exchanged words. After we took some pictures, we left the station, and headed to a very famous Chinese restaurant to have lunch. I was very excited, but from when I got into the car, I wasnft feeling very well, I almost felt like I was going to throw up. We got to our seats, and started eating our lunch, but I still wasnft feeling very well, and couldnft eat anything at the first day. Debby and her sister, Eve, took me to shopping with a student from my school, Ai, who joined ASEP last year, but I couldnft enjoy because of my health. In the evening, after we left Ai, we went to a restaurant were Debbyfs farther own for dinner. The food looked very delicious, but I still couldnft eat any food. So after we had dinner, the host family took me to the hospital. I was very glad how they were so nice to me, and cared about my sickness. I got some medicine from the doctor, and headed to their home. Next day, the feeling that I was going to throw up was gone. The host family seemed relieved when I told them that I recovered. Debbyfs mother drove us to school, and before we got there, we stopped by at a market and they bought me a sandwich and soy milk for breakfast. I was very surprised at this, because we donft have these kind habits. After school I rode on the school bus with Debby, and headed to her fatherfs restaurant to have dinner. Because I couldnft eat anything the day before, so I was very excited. I had hot pot, which was very delicious. After dinner, Debby and Eve took me to shopping. And there, I was very surprised how everything was much cheaper than Japan. I bought a coat and a T-shirt which I wore it the next day. The next day, after school, me, Debby, Eve, Haruka (a Nanzan Kokusai student), Eloise (Harukafs host student) went to have dinner at Shu-Te high school teacher, Ms. Jasminefs grandparentsf restaurant. It was very delicious. After dinner, host students took me and Haruka to a night market. Again, everything was very cheap, me and Haruka was just amazed how we can buy clothes so cheap. The host students also bought us drinks and food which I never had before (very delicious!), and then we headed back home because we had to remember the script for our presentation next day. On the presentation day, we headed back home as soon as the farewell party ended since it was getting late, I had some family bonding time with the host family.

We took pictures, and ate snacks together, had a great time. Even Their mother prepared me a bag filled with souvenir for me. I also received candies from Debby and her sisters as a Christmas present. I was so touched, and didnft know what to say. They treated me as a member of their family, and they were being so nice to me. I really didnft want to leave Taiwan. On the day which I was going to leave Taiwan, Debby and her parents sent me off at the train station. I was so upset that I was going to leave Taiwan, I thought I was going to burst into tears. I had so much fun, and it became a great experience for me. I want to thank the host family for treating me so kindly and Mr. Nishi for giving me this great opportunity to join ASEP. I hope I can see my friends that I made in Taiwan again! Thank You!!!!!



Asian Students Exchange Program

Nanzan Kokusai High School@Ryota Kawai


I think ASEP was good experience for me.


Firdst day was easy day becaouse I can use Japanese all day long and staied in hotel so there was no pressure.


Secound day I first met my host student. His first impression was good guy and really he was. That night I went to night market with my host student and I met with his friends. His friend was very nice people becaouse Ifm shy but they said gDonft be shy. Lets talk.h to me but I couldnft think any topic and coldnft accost to them. After eating dinner in night market we went to Dream Moal and we plaied at there and I enjoied. At that time I rearized Taiwan is good place.


 Third day, forth day and fifth day I was working on ASEP contribution and power point. I was trying to speak only English but when I try to speak English I couldnft translate my idea and I couldnft speak. Contribution and power point was finally made up at fifth day.


 Sixth day that is the day ASEP had. This morning I had headache and I felt not good but I took medicine and some breakfast so I felt better gradually. This problem was solved but I had another problem that was I couldnft memorize speech so I tried to memorize hard until our speech came but when our turn finally I couldnft memorize all. I remember some so I thought I could speech little but by strain I forgot most of speech. After finish our speech I had a sense of sign.


 In Farewell party my teacher encouraged me and I met people who were met in world youth meeting so I could enjoy this party.


 Last day morning my host student took me to Lotus Lake. This lake was so beautiful and I thought I want come back here again. So maybe I will revenge ASEP next year.









Nanzan Kokusai High School@@Hibiki Murata


It was my first time to go to Taiwan and I was nervous and excited at the same time. Taiwan was not so far away from Japan and it took only two hours to go to Taipei. When I first arrived at Taiwan, I noticed that there were a lot of scooters. The side of the road was filled with scooters. When we arrived at Taipei, I was surprised because the temperature was lower than I thought.

We used the bullet train to go to Kaohsiung. Inside of the train was same as the train in Japan. Later, teacher told us that it was made by Japan. After we arrived at the station we met our homestay family.

Almost every day I drank milk tea. In Taiwan I drank bubble tea for the first time and it was delicious. When my homestay family took me to the night market, I saw many things that you canft see in Japan. For example, I ate stinky tofu and pigfs blood. It was very delicious. Also, there were games like Mahjong and gold fish scooping. I was surprised when I saw the gold fish scooping because I thought it was only in Japan.

Our presentation was at the end. I got nervous and started to forget the lines. At the time we got on to the stage, I forgot most of the lines that I memorized. Our teacher told us not to look at the script but I stopped in the middle of the presentation and looked at the script. The room went silent and everybody seemed to be looking at the stage but somehow I managed to relax and continue the presentation.

Although I forgot my lines and the presentation didn`t go well, I had a wonderful time and it was great to meet with all the people in Taiwan.   




Wakasa High School  Ayumi Maruta


The theme for this yearfs presentation is gJustice and Civil Rights.h  SMVHS and WHS did presentation of bully.  We made two drama.  I played the role of expert.  I analyzed questionnaire and thought of solutions to bully.  We have two expert.  Other is SMVHS student.  She is a good writer in English.  She helped me to make it.  I had many sentence to memorize.  She encouraged me, saying, gGannbatteh.  We talked about many things.  I really enjoyed it with her.


The day before ASEP, I was filled with anxiety about it.  So I tried hard to memorize. 

Member of our team felt like me. So we helped each other.  Before we did presentation, we were tensed up.  I thought gHow would I do, if I forget my line?h  But we could good presentation.  Listened to other schoolf presentation, I realized what I need to our presentation to become better.


After presentation, the party was held.  We talked with other country students.  And we took many photos with them.  I am learning Korean, so I especially enjoyed talking with Korean in Korean.


This is my first visit to Taiwan.  They have a different custom and culture.  So, I really enjoyed while I staying there.  I was surprised that students eat breakfast at school.  I ate ĕ for breakfast.  And they have time to have a nap.  I think itfs good for students.  I had a nap with my host student.  I went to my host studentfs class.  So, I have made friends with her classmate.  They are studying Japanese, so they approached me in English and in Japanese.  My host family was kindness itself.  Theyfre wonderful family.  My host father cooked dinner.  It was delicious.  They help each other to do housework.  I thought my family should copy it.


When I arrived in Taiwan, I was uneasy about level of my English skill.  My voice was small when I spoke English.

 I couldnft make myself understood in English.  So, I tried to speak loud voice.  They could understand my English.  I learned itfs important for us to speak loud voice and have confidence.

I really enjoyed participating ASEP.  I want to keep in touch with them. 

Thank you!



My 5day in Taiwan

Wakasa High School  Mika Yamada


I went to Taiwan to join ASEP.  I could not speak English well.  I am bashful in front of strangers.  And I have never been to abroad.  So I was uneasy and get tense to go to Taiwan.  But I believe that I can have a nice time with my host family and Sanminfs students!


In arrive there, I was surprised because there are many more people than I expected.@And there were many a building.  Taiwanfs building is similar Japanf building.  For example gfamily marth and gseven eleven!h  I feel a strong affinity!  So I can felt sense of security.  There are many Japanese manufactured goods.  But this is very cheap!  I could not believe it.


From the first day, I stayed at the host familyfs house.  My host family is very kind!  They considerate and solicitous care for me.  I love them!  I eat roast meat with them.  It is very delicious.  It is good memories for me.  They give me many present!  I was happy.  We took many pictures.  This is my treasures.  I want to have more time with them.  5 days in Taiwan is very short for me.


I think making up presentation is very difficult.  I practiced hard every day.  I have to talk big voice.  And I must memorize my lines.  To improve one's pronunciation is very difficult for me.  I prepared drama and small articles.  So, I think that my presentation was very good.  But other schoolfs presentation was very good too!  At the first, we can not make presentation well because we were negative.  So, we cannot talk about bully well.  But, after 3 days , we began be positive.  So we deeply talk about bully.  So we can make great presentation in cooperation with them!  So we can get prize.  When we got prize, we were very happy!  I was impressed.  I will never forget this time.  And I proud of it now!


Touching Taiwanfs culture is good experience.  I found that there are many kind of Taiwanfs tea.  I can get a taste of different tastes.  And I could went to night market. There were a lot of people and many food.  I bought many things.  I had a nice time.

Taiwanfs people was very kind.  I speak about Japan with them.  And they taught about Taiwan.  Therefore I was very sad when I go back Japan.  Everyone was crying. I think that I want to meet them again.


Through this experience, I learn many things.  Taiwan is not Japan.  There are many one's sense of values in the world.  I have to understand it.  And I want to broaden one's outlook.  I could learn important things.  Thanks to ASEP, I found many things. And I could have a nice time!  If I have a chance, I want to join ASEP or WYM.  I also look forward to meeting with them!  Thank you!

My life in Taiwan

Wakasa High School  Maho Nakagawa


I have been to New Zealand and Germany, but I was very nervous because we have to

make a presentation on English.  I was a leader but I couldn't tell my opinions on skype with Sanmin High School.


First I realized that Taiwanese are very friendly to us.  There has been interchange between me and my host family on facebook, so we can talk my host mother and Ritsu.  And my host family studies Japanese, so we talked in Japanese.  Surprising thing is bikes.  There are a lot of bikes the way.  A double seat is usually, sometimes there are triple seat.  Because Taiwan doesnft have a clear atmosphere, they wore a mask. Dinner of the day was very delicious.  I was surprised that I saw the finger of chicken, because it is not popular in Japan.  Our house is a solitary house and so big.  Taiwan has the New Year by the lunar calendar, so school doesnft have winter vacation.  And I was surprised that we can buy some sweets, Oden.  And they has a dog in them school.  It was very interesting for me.


I was very nervous and anxiety because it was for the first time for me to make a presentation in English and announced at a large audiences.  At the beginning of preparation, I canft say a lot of my opinions about explanation for Sanmin High School.  But near the start date, we can tell our opinions to Sanmin High School students and teacher.  When I arrived in Taiwan, I felt that remembering long lines is hard.  However, Sanmin High School teacher teaches not only it. It is the acting power.  We have efforts to remember the lines, I forgot to put the emotion.  Thanks to the teacher, we could make a great presentation. I was very happy to get a good prize. 


I felt through the ASEP that it is difficult for me to tell my minds.  If I try hard, I can tell my minds.  It is not only presentation, but also any conversation with the host family.  I will remember this experience.  I want to try different things! I was very happy and good to join ASEP.  And I will never forget the time.  Thank you very much.




Wakasa High School  Natsumi Watanabe


The reason why I joined ASEP is my classmate joined ASEP one year before and she seemed very happy and I felt sense of accomplishment from her.  I like to communication with foreign people and I thought nothing is better than to join ASEP.  I was just happy when I knew that I can go to Taiwan.  But when I talk with SMVHS students through skype and facebook, I really feel that I go to Taiwan and join ASEP.  But I was worried about my English skill and food of Taiwan.


I had been talking with my friend about Taiwan in the airplane which goes to Taiwan. When we arrived at Takao, SMVHS students who join ASEP and our host family was waiting us.  They waited us with big smile so I was very happy and my uneasiness disappeared.  We have dinner with other Japanese teams on that day.  Because I could listen their determinations, I thought I would be my best.


We could be best friend before we preparing ASEP because SMVHS students held a nice welcome party for us.  I thought we can make our presentation well.  We could think about gJustice and Civil Rightsh and exchange opinions about it.  We donft have enough vocabulary and we cannot speak English well.  But all Taiwanese is kind.  They tried to take communication with us.  So we could say our opinion without shyly.  The detailed contents of our presentation were decided gradually and our practice of drama also have started.  I was a teacher.  Because there were a few of my words, I was able to memorize earlier than everybody.


We can see school after preparing ASEP and go shopping after school.  The prices of Taiwan is very cheap.  So I was glad to buy a lot of things in Taiwan.  Because our host family and SMVHS students are kind, they were supporting us who cannot understand Taiwan language many times.  Thanks to them, I was able to enjoy Taiwan.  Because there were such a free time, it was not tired for me to preparing ASEP.


We said gIfm very nervousch each other.  But we are able to do presentation as usual.  I could listen other groupfs presentation.  h Justice and Civil Rightsh is very difficult theme for us.  But I was able to get a lot of opinions.  So I am very much satisfied.  We have a big party after ASEP finished.  The party is very interesting and exciting.  I can make many friend not only Taiwanese but also the person who live in Asia


I want to keep in touch with friend who met in ASEP.  Through ASEP, I thought anew that international exchange is very interesting.  If I get a chance like ASEP, I want to join again.  I want to improve my English because I want to talk more fluently when I meet my new friend someday again.  Joining ASEP became a good experience for me.  Thank you very very much.



ASEP 2011


Fukui Commercial High School@Ito Yayoi


From the 23rd to 29th of December, five Fukui Commercial High School students and two teachers went to Taiwan to take part in the Asian Student Exchange Program. I took part in World Youth Meeting on August 7th and 8th. It was very interesting and exciting for me. So I was looking forward to taking part in ASEP.

Every year, Fukui Commercial High School students present with Kaohsiung Commercial High School students. This year's ASEP theme was "Justice and Civil Rights." So we made our presentation about "children's suffering" and our presentation's title is "Save the children, Save the world." We thought that there were many children who were suffering a lot. We wanted people to know about child labor, child soldiers, and child prostitutes. So we presented about them. I thought that the theme was serious. So it was difficult for us to make a presentation. However, we worked on it very hard because if we could inform others about it, we could get a sense of achievement.

 On December 28th, the day that we were to present came. The hall for ASEP was very big. I enjoyed the Opening Ceremony. The dancing was really beautiful. After preparing for the project presentation, the first students started presenting. All of the presentations were interesting to me. I could study many things through watching them such as moving, standing, how to present, p.p.t and so on. When I took part in WYM, I was very nervous to present, but in ASEP I didn't become nervous. When I heard others' presentations, I was eager to show ours. While we presented, I spoke loudly. I really enjoyed presenting. During the awards ceremony, we won the platinum award. I was so happy!

 I got a lot of things through ASEP. I experienced ASEP and something in me changed. I can take part in ASEP only once. I felt that it was great for me to take part in ASEP.

ASEP2011 118












ASEP 2011


Fukui Commercial High School@Takasaki Chiho


       I have never been to a foreign country. So I went to a foreign country and did a home stay for the first time. I was so excited! However, I had many worries. For example,g will my English be understood by Taiwanese people?h gCan I be friendly with my host family or Taiwanese students?h and so on. But these worries disappeared when I met my host sister at the terminal. It's because she had very friendly eyes and was very kind to me. I thought that I enjoyed this introduction. After that, we went to Kaohsiung Commercial High School to practice our presentation. The practices were so hard for me. However there were many pleasures in it. I tried hard to get first place. During our free time, the Japanese students played with the Taiwanese students. For example we played tag, Dharma doll falls and so on. I had a good time!

       On December 28, we had to perform in front of the audience. I was so excited! It was because I wanted to speak English in front of the audience and I wanted to make our presentation. Then ASEP began! First, opening ceremony was held. Many people were introducing stage. Then Taiwanese women danced some traditional Taiwanese dance. There was identification there so they were so beautiful! After opening ceremony, we moved to another meeting place to make our presentation. We practiced during the recess and just before presentation began.

        Next, our turn came. I wasn't nervous so I could enjoy speaking English. I also enjoyed our presentation! As a result, we got first prize. We were so happy! We gave each other high fives or hugged and took a lot of pictures. Then closing ceremony was held. The Japanese students were so tired because we were so excited when we heard that we got first prize. So we couldn't enjoy it only a little. However ASEP was a very good experience for me. I had a really good time in Taiwan. So I want to go to Taiwan again because I want to meet Taiwanese students and go sightseeing!


ASEP2011 025


ASEP 2011 `Nice experience for me`


  Fukui Commercial High School @@Sakai Miharu



 I took part in ASEP 2011. In a word, it was very exciting for me. There are two reasons.

 First, We became good friends with the Taiwanese students. When I went to Kaohsiung Commercial High School for the first time, I was little nervous, but the Taiwanese students were very kind. So, I could enjoy talking with them. Thanks to my host sister, Catherine, I could go to night market. I ate a lot of delicious food there. Moreover, I became close friends with Chiho's host sister, Krystal. It's because we went there together. After a few days, we taught them how to play gDarumasangakorondah At the beginning, we played the game with the Taiwanese students in Japanese. However they couldnft understand Japanese, of course. So then, we played it in English. We said gMr. Darumach We enjoyed the game with Taiwanese students. They looked very glad. They taught us some games, too. We played a game just like a version of grock, paper, scissors.h At first, I couldn't understand how to play it, but after I understood, I liked to play it. Next they taught us a version of gtag.h I enjoyed playing gshippotori.h Through these games, we learned Taiwanese culture and became good friends.

 Second, we won the platinum prize for ASEP 2011. Before we went to Taiwan, we got our presentation script. We had to practice very hard. It was a little strict. So I held out. We presented as well as we could. It was exciting. At first I couldn't speak natural English. By the end, I was speaking English a little better. Having won the platinum prize, we were very happy.

 Finally, I think that seeing was believing. While I stayed in Taiwan, I could feel a lot. I could see, eat, smell and so on. It's wonderful to have friends around the world. I think this experience is important. Also,

Ryan, Kim and Ms. Nomura thank you for teaching me native English intonation and pronunciation.

Thank you for taking us to Taiwan Ms. Toda and Ms. Hayashi!




ASEP 2011


Fukui Commercial High School@Yamakawa Hazuki


ASEP was held on December 28, 2011 in Taiwan, so I went to Taiwan from December 23 to 30, 2011. I will tell you about this experience.

I went to Taiwan on December 24, 2011. This is my first trip abroad. I had a lot of anxiety and worry. So I was afraid to go abroad. However, I decided to go. When I arrived in Taiwan, Taiwanese people and their family came to meet me. They smiled at me. So I smiled, too. My host sister's name is Erica. She is sixteen. We went to the flea market and beautiful temple for the first time. The beautiful temple was near her house. I bought present for my family in flea market. A lot of Taiwanese people spoke to me in Chinese, but I couldn't understand. So I was in trouble. Erica translated for me. I thought she was great because she could translate Chinese into English. If someone asked me "please translate Japanese into English", I wouldnft have the confidence to do it. I respected her.

December 24, we attended the dinner meeting with other Japan teams and swore to do our best. After the meeting, I went to the largest department store in Kaohsiung with Erica and her friend. But I was very sleepy and tired, so I couldn't enjoy it so much.

The next day, I went to school because we had to practice for the presentation. The practice was very hard and difficult. So I was very tired. But we wanted to win, so we did our best.

At my host family's home, I talked about a lot of things with my host family. My host parents can't speak English or Japanese, so Erica translated for us. To talk with them was very exciting.

ASEP was held on December 28. I was very tense. All of us were nervous. However we practiced very hard everyday. So we promised to do our best. Our presentation was 10th. When I stood on the stage, I wasn't so nervous. We tried our best in the presentation. As a result, our presentation won the platinum prize! I was very happy much. Of course, my team mates were happy, too.

ASEP2011 006On December 29, we had to say good bye. I was so sad. I cried a lot. Taiwanese people were very kind. Taiwan was so great country. I love Taiwan so much. This experience made me stronger. I want to say thanks to my teacher and all Taiwanese people very much. I will never forget this experience. And I want to go to Taiwan again someday.



ASEP 2011


Fukui Commercial High School@@Shimizu Nonoka


I took part in ASEP 2011. Only five students from Fukui Commercial High School students participated in the ASEP. I felt uneasy and a lot of expectations. We arrived in Taiwan on December 24th. My host family came to the station to meet me. We met for the first time, so our attitude was little unnatural each other. We talked a lot. For example, myself, Taiwanese culture, and our hobbies. My host sister's name was Mellissa. She was very kind and friendly. She spoke to me a lot. Thanks to her, I could be natural. She took me to many famous places in Kaohsiung, such as the night market, big department stores, flea market, and Chinese restaurant. I bought a lot of present for my family and friends. I had many food smelled bad, but taste was good. I especially like pearl milk tea. It was made of milk tea and coconut. It was sweet and delicious tea. I think that if it were sold in Japan, it would be popular.

We went to Kaohsiung Commercial High School for the first time on December 25th. I was surprised that the school was very big and there were about 2000 students. It was like a university.

I got a new script. When I practiced in Japan, I had only three sentences. However, my lines changed! I had to remember many sentences. I was hasty. I thought gI canft remember all these lines. They are too much for me! I have only three days to remember, but I have to remember!h. Ms.Toda and Bill taught me how to pronounce, use gesture and facial expression. Japanese students encouraged me. Taiwanese student cooperated with me. Thanks to them, I could remember all my lines. I practiced hard every day. My host sister listened to my pronunciation and corrected some mistakes. I tried to do my best on the performance day. We got the platinum award. I was very glad and proud of my team. 

This trip was a good experience. I learned a lot of things. I think my mentality get stronger. I'll never forget this trip.

ASEP2011 134





Taiwan is wonderful.

Osaka Yuhigaoka Gakuen High School@ M.F.


The Impression of Taiwan.

Since I am a big fan of Asian food, I had as many Taiwanese foods as I could in Taiwan. I even tried a stinky tofu, which none of Japanese students had. It stinked unbelievably a lot you could even smell it from ten meters away. I really hesitated to try it at first, but looking at my host siter eating it deliciously, I finally tried it and it was way more delicious than I had expected. I felt anew the difference of food culture in the world. I think there are many appetizing foods in Taiwan which Japanese would probably like. I was also overwhelmed by a huge amont of traffic and people's driving skills. They mostly use motor-bikes for transportation in their town so you can see a lot of motor-bikes ridden by more than three or four people on the one motor-bike. When they passed right in front of me, I thought my heart would stop. While they have traffic lights for motor-bikes rider's there, it is obviously still dangerous. Therefore, I think they should tighten the regulation of traffic more. Otherwise they will get car accidents more. Nevertheless, I was amazed at the convenience of transportation over there. You can find not only cars but also buses, trains, and subways all around. Its convenience must be as great as Japan's.


Preparation for presentation.

To tell you the truth, we had nothing about the ideas of presentaion except for the topic. It was a lot more difficult for me to work it on together with Taiwanese students and even Japanese because of our nervousness and the language barrier. We spent the whole day by doing almost nothing on the first day. However, we started to get along with everyone and work it harder hand-in-hand as days went by. Thanks to everyone's great effort, we could almost finish making our scripts and power points on the second day. Getting over many difficulties and new challenges, we did our best on the presentation competition. This challenge of presentation became more valuable memories than its perfection level. I really appreciate it.


What did I get from this experience?

Through participating in this program in Taiwan, I could get not only the achievement of this presentation competition but also the great relations with Taiwanese. I'm very satisfied with them. Since my grandfather is Taiwanese, he has told me a lot of things about Taiwanese culture, history and so on. I'm very happy to get an opportunity to visit and experience his home town. Moreover, I could learn a lot of things about other culture though this visit in spite of the short stay. What I was impressed the most while staying is the Taiwanese's depth of aspiration to Japanese. I bet I would never be highly-welcomed by everyone anywhere else. I was very proud of being Japanese when they asked me many things about Japanese trendy fashion, culture and so on. Last of all, I'm sincerely grateful to people who have been involved in ASEP, my teachers, Japanese students, Taiwanse friends, host family and everyone.


My precious memories

Osaka yuhigaoka gakuen high school@ K. Y.


When I arrived at Taiwan, I felt this brings back memories because it was twice time to visit Taiwan. I was looking forward to participating in ASEP with Taiwanese students for a long time. However, I was worried whether our presentation will do well or not and whether I can get along with my host family.

Although I was really nervous until I meet my host family, I felt relaxed because my host sister was really friendly girl. The night of first day, my host family took me to love river and night market. At the love river, I rode a boat with my host sister and I enjoyed talking watching beautiful night view. At the night market, I could eat beef noodle finally and I was really happy. The flavor was also delicious.


On the second day, we went to Li-Chih high school. I was really surprised because Li-Chih high school has a large number of students and extent of school. They held welcome party for us and I enjoyed watching dance and listening to traditional music. After party, we introduced each other and started to make a presentation. Although I couldnft speak very well because of nerve, I felt relaxed as time went by. During Ifm making a presentation, I was in trouble because I couldnft tell my opinion in English very well. Then I thought I have to study English more because of my lack of study. At night, I went out for dinner with my host sister and sisterfs friends. I enjoyed talking and taking a lot of pictures. I was really happy to make new friends.

On the third day, I participated in opening ceremony for ASEP and I made dumpling with everyone. The one of Li-Chih high school studentfs boy taught me some Chinese and we took a picture together. After come back to school, we practiced rehearsal and pronunciation again and again. After finished practicing, my host sister picked me up and I went to night market with my host sister and sisterfs friends again. Every time I go to night market, I feel unique smell ofL. I was used to it finally. At the night market, I enjoyed playing quoits and shooting. After that we played boring. It been a long time to play boring, I got garter, but I enjoyed playing boring. I didnft go back to house because I could get along with sisterfs friends before.

On the fourth day, it was day of presentation and I was nervous until start to do presentation. Although there were didnft do well a little, I managed to say my part definitely. And we could receive gold award because everyone worked very hard. I got incentive because other students made a presentation using some properties. If I have a chance to participate it ASEP, I would like to try it.

After presentation, we enjoyed party. fs brass band was wonderful with no mistakes. Besides I enjoyed watching dance and listening to a rock band. I could meet some friends who I wanted to meet and took a lot of pictures. At this night, it was last day to stay host familyfs house, we watched TV talking and took a picture. I was getting sad thinking of last day, I thought I donft want to go back to Japan.


On the last day, we went sightseeing around Y. We went toՓ,qp and K. The all of places was wonderful, but especially the most wonderful place wasqp. The sea and scene was really beautiful. Especially, the picture that we took on the seawall is my favorite picture. I was cried when we have to say goodbye. I didnft want to say goodbye and I wanted to stay in Taiwan forever. It was good that we could say goodbye with big smile at the last.

I went to Taiwan this time, my mind that I like Taiwan was getting strong before. I could make a lot of friends and I had a good memories. During I was making a presentation, it was good experience for me to communicate in English. After I graduated from Osaka yuhigaoka gakuen high school, I would like to participate in WYM and ASEP as an old boy this year.


ASEP Reflection

Haruka Munakata  Ritsumeikan Uji High School


This was the first time to attend ASEP for me.  At first, I had no idea what am I supposed to do and what the theme meant but day by day I started to understand everything.


During the stay at Taiwan, I was able to meet with people which I became friends during summer again. I also made some new friends from other high school and university which this meeting became one of the places to meet new friends. We took a tour around Taipei as well as Kaohsiung with the Japanese students and enjoyed it. We were able to get close together and sill taking contact on Facebook.


At first, we didnft have a good start because they were hardly any people who were attending the meeting held on Facebook twice a week. However we gradually started to get together and started to exchange our idea and tried our best to make each other understand one another. Our opinion was totally different from Taiwan. So, I had some fear going to Taiwan with our own opinion and was worried about if we can get it done by time. However, when we got to Taiwan, we got our opinions together by negotiating our opinion to Taiwan. I was surprised to see that the teacher was taking control of everything and the students were only doing what the teacher told them to do. It was completely opposite from our school.


Throughout the project, I was one of the main people negotiating the Japanfs opinion to Taiwan. I had a very difficult time explaining our thinking many times and responding to their question and was repeating over and over again. However when we got over it, I was very happy that our thinking got included and felt exhausted as well. Hough, I was proud of myself that I played a big role on the project by getting it started with both countries agreeing on it.


 We had a big success!! I faced some difficulties and got a hard time but I am also proud that I got over it with these members that I met and hope to work with them again in the future.


What I have leaned


    Ritsumeikan Uji High School Issei Murata


Through ASEP, I could have precious experiences. I could feel that I could change in this program after I came back to Japan. My team consisted of five members, two high school students including me and three junior high school students, so I was the oldest in my team. I always thought I had to lead this team and I was a leader. I had a sense of responsibly during this program. This was a very good weight for me because I had many chances to think. I noticed that to make good atmosphere is very important, so I tried to communicate with not only Japanese students but also Taiwanese students, but it was kind of difficult because I am not good at speaking English. I had to change way to tell what I want to say. This was very good practice to improve my English, I guess. In discussion, I faced difficult situation a lot of times. Japanese opinion and Taiwanese one were different at first, so we kept finding a point of compromise. I have never experienced like this. Using English, I told about my opinion and make presentation with students from different country. It was very interesting and I will make use it in the future when I go to study abroad and to discuss with someone. I will try to take leader ship more aggressive when I am in a team from now. Home staying was the second, so it was no problem. Taiwanese students took me many places. They were very kind and friendly. I had a question that why they were so kind for me. I think this is one of the reasons that I am Japanese. They like Japan. Another one is that they have open mind. One day, I and other students went to city by train. When I was getting on train, a woman asked to one of Taiwanese students about us. I noticed that it is not special to talk to strangers in Taiwan. I saw the situation like this many times. They love to take a picture, so they ask people who passed along street without ceremony. And all people were willing to do. I was surprised about is. I canft do it in Japan. I thought Japanese should learn this point from them. Ifm very lucky to take part in this program. Thank you for everything. I really want to go to Taiwan again. Thatfs all.


My First time in Taiwan

Ritsumeikan Uji Junior High School  Ayaka Nishimura



I was pretty nervous going to Taiwan because this was the first time visiting Asia. I usually go to very safe place like Australia so Asia sounds like quite dangerous for me. I was very releaved when I heard that Taiwan is almost safe as Japan. Then I flew to Taiwan. It took about an hour and a half. It was very short time riding on the plane. When I landed in Taiwan airport, I was bit lonely because the airport was smaller and older than KIX. We got into the bus. The bus was quite gorgeous and comfortable. The seat replaced in very tall place and near the seat, it had stairs. Under the stairs we could put our luggage. First we went to old city, Sanxia. Itfs old city so, you know, everything is old. I was little sad when I landed in old airport and next I came to this old city, I couldnft do sightseeing with full of composer. Old place or building shows the countryfs culture and I think itfs nice place to tour, but at that time I just landed in Taiwan and I was bit nervous, everything looked so fresh for me and old place is nice but pretty dark. Then I saw that old place at first, I automatically thought that Taiwan, especially Taipei is all like this old city. I felt pretty nervous staying this old city for about a week.

Full of feeling of nervousness, we went to Kaohsiung riding Taiwanese Shinkansen. Seats were really same as Japanese original Shinkansen so I was impressed. When I arrived in Kaohsiung, I immediately went to the hotel. Kaohsiung was really big city and I now realized that Taiwan has this big new city, and I was completely releaved staying this country for a week. The hotel was really clean. I stayed very comfortably in the hotel. It was really fun, I played the card game poverty with sempais. Next day, I met with my host family gZhang Fang Chiehh. She came to Japan in summer when WYM and she stayed in my house. She is very nice and friendly so I was very confident in homestay. That day, we went to museum and theme park. I drank tapioka, itfs now very popular in Japan but it is originally Taiwanese food. It was very delicious, more than the drink I bought in Japan. I also watched Japanese movie with subtitles in Taiwanese. it was very interesting because everyone is reading the subtitles, I could understand what they are talking. I was also

impressed that Taiwanese people watches Japanese movie very normally, just like Japanese people watch Hollywood movies. Another day, we went shopping and many places. Fang Chieh is living in very urban Kaohsiung area, she took me to lots of department stores, flea market thing, small amusement park...etc. My earphone had been broken while I was riding in Taiwanese Shinkansen, so I bought new one there too. The thing I was really surprised was there were lots of lots of things really closely related to Japan. I was very happy because this was the first country who like Japan this much. I went to their school and made presentation. The school was exceedingly huge. About 10000 students going to the school, it is about 10 times more than my high school. (20 times more than my junior high school) Everyone were very kind, friendly and vigorously. I got lots of energy from them. We made our presentation in library. The room was wide and had lots of tables and computer, it was comfortable. The presentation was made based on the presentation that Taiwanese made. There were lots of people in our team, so the script that one person got is not so much like WYM. That means we have to remember all my script. I am very bad at memorizing, I was really getting trouble memorizing my line. I was very impressed because high school senpais helped me.

The day at actual performance of our presentation, I was told that I have to disguise myself as Chinese minority race traditional costume. I wondered why that there are lots of Taiwanese but why me, Japanese has to be Chinese minority race person lol. And the costume was like gaudy so actually I didnft want to do that but I couldnft say no at that day, so I just tried my best. During the rehearsal I constantly stopped to remind my line, so I was very nervous if I do something bad during the presentation. At real performance of presentation, hopefully everyone did well including me so it was excellent presentation for me. Unfortunately we couldnft take the highest prize but it was wonderful for me so Ifm satisfied. After the presentation, that day, December 28th was my 14th birthday, everyone surprised me with many birthday presents and birthday cakes. It was very touching. Everyone was really kind. I was really impressed. I thought I have to do same thing to them too.

After we said goodbye to Taiwanese, we went to Taipei again and went to museum who committed suicide for Taiwan. Then we climbed 109, the tallest tower in Taiwan. This was last sightseeing that we went together. It was really fun. The last night, we stayed at Santos hotel.

We competed card game poverty with sempais until 4 ofclock at morning. Unfortunately I lose so I gave many candies to them. It was really fun. I want to go back at that time.

Then we flew back to Japan. The flight was likewisely very short. I presented my favourite Classical musics to them. Murata sempai said that itfs nice, I was very happy about that.

What I learned from this ASEP tour, the most thing I think is that Taiwanese are really really kind and friendly. I think most of the Japanese are thinking that Taiwan is China so most of them hate Japan, but actually Taiwan and China are very different. Taiwanese likes Japan very much. Nowadays Japanese likes Korea so much but Taiwanese likes Japan! Itfs very happy thing! I want to tell everyone that Taiwanese are very nice and suggest visiting Taiwan!!




Feedback on Collaborative Presentation in ASEP2011

Nihon Fukushi University Yuka Suzuki

XCh 1

Last month, I visited Taiwan through 25th to 29th.

Today I will talk about what Ifve done in Taiwan.




XCh 2

This is my outline of my presentation today.

I will talk about three things.

Firstly, how to complete the presentation with Taiwanese students.

Secondary ,what ASEP is like .

And finally, how and what I learnt.



XCh 3

Firs issues is the collaborative presentation with Taiwanfs students..

ASEP 2011fs theme was Justice and civil rights. Sounds difficult.

I wanted to focus on the Demonstration that Ifve already worked out.

On the other hand, Taiwanese students also have wanted to discuss the Iraq War.

Through the discussing, we came to think these topic is too difficult.

So we decided to look for another topic  that happens in our daily lives.


We should have made a decision about our presentationfs topic earlier. 

We shared our opinion each other while paying attention on otherfs opinion.

It can be heard that contradiction and sometimes itfs very difficult for us.

But, we could do that as collaboration presentation.


And we made a presentation focusing on gwhat is the conflict between Justice and human right.h


XCh 4

Do you know ASEP?

ASEP stands for Asian student exchange program.

As well as world youth meeting, a lot of students come from a various countries and make a presentation.

And making presentation in front of the audience.


As I had said that before, this ASEP theme was Justice and Civil right.

And our presentationfs title is what is the conflict between Justice and human right.

Actually, I didnft feel any tense thanks to a lot of experiences making of presentation.

I was happy to have advised a lot to  memberfs. 

I think we did a good job and after the presentation, we could feel of achievement.

Moreover, we received Platinum award.

XCh 5

In world youth meeting, Ifm one of the person who made a presentation.

Through these experiences, I learned that collaboration is important to make a better presentation.

It means that you will have some questions, different opinions for otherfs idea.

Then, you should keep in mind that make clear your opinion and also accept otherfs opinion.

You will find a good conclusion.

In my case, thanks to Taiwanfs students kindness, I could achieve presentations the best in collaboration with a sense of mission and passion.

I also had a good time with friends all the days in Taiwan.

I would like to tell you that the challenge for international collaboration must be a great experience.


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